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At MMP we understand how important your artistic vision is. We provide a relaxed approach while remaining professional ensuring an experience like no other for everyone involved. Whether it’s a commercial to promote your new business, the next #1 hit music video or song, promotional video and everything in between, our videography team at MMP are always ready to meet all of your filmmaking needs. Believe in Magik, We Do!

What is Pre-Production?

Pre Production is a meeting of the minds before a full scale production begins. This includes casting, location scouting, the script along with crew and equipment needs.It is essential to have a meeting with all parties involved to insure a smooth and productive start to any project.


Every great story begins with it’s characters and selecting the right actors is always key.Once you’ve chosen the best talent for your project/film, you can begin to better imagine your creative vision.

Script Writing

Nothing matters more in film production than the story and to capture your audience’s attention you need a great script. Every story created started with just one thing: an idea. This is where your imagination is free to explore the limitless. 

Location Scouting

Along with hiring the right actor/actress, the location can make or break a scene.Finding the perfect location to capture the feeling and emotion of the moment can make all the difference.

Shot List-Pre Planning

A shot list is essentially an organized list of shots that are sequenced together to become scenes. The cinematographer and/or director fills out the list and provides a breakdown of all the camera positions that the scene requires.

Don’t forget!

Sometimes you have to pay for extras that you may need for Production.

Location Permits

Some locations require permits and permits can cost money depending on the city.

Craft Service

On longer shoots meals may be needed to keep the energy up on shoots. Craft services is a much needed break to rest, recharge and energize and already tired cast and workforce.

Make Up Artists

People on set to make sure you are at your best makeup and skin tones wise for the best shoot possible and the best finished product. Better to do it in the physical shoot then to try and fix shiny foreheads and sunken eyes in post.

What is Post-Production?

Post production is where the Magik Happens!

Color Grading

Once your project is finished with the filming process it then moves to post production and it begins with color correction/grading. Color grading can totally transform the look of your video but should only be trusted to an experienced technician. 

Video Editing

The choices that an editor makes can greatly impact on how the audience receives a character or scene. Video editing is where your vision comes full circle.

Motion Graphics

Motion graphics design is a widely used tool for visual storytelling.Imagine a man stranded on a distant planet watching a space battle above . He’s held captive by strange aliens that surround him. Welcome to the world of motion graphics.A place where the impossible becomes a reality!

Final Cut

Once all the steps of post production are completed, the final cut is then presented to the audience. From the first idea to the end credits, your project has reached its completion and that’s a great feeling!

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